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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 06:29 PM GMT

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Hampi Travel Info

Hampi By Road: There are very few direct buses to Hampi. However, it is easy to get buses from Hospet to Hampi as the frequency is good. Hospet is only about 12km from Hampi and has good connectivity from many places all over Karnataka. The National Highway number 13 passes through Hospet and provides good connectivity from Bengaluru (via NH4) and Goa (via NH4A through state highway). With the increase in tourist interest, there are several overnight buses that ply directly from Goa to Hampi. Please contact your local tour operator to find out more details and reserve a seat/berth.

Distance from Important Cities to Hospet:
Goa: 336km
Mumbai: 692km
Hyderabad: 374km
Bengaluru: 327km